The SP MIDI corrects some MIDI issues with the E-MU SP-12 and SP-1200. MIDI can now be used to control sample length (note off) and pitch, like on a regular keyboard. It is also possible to sequence note events to other devices. Excellent for basslines and even chords on an external synthesizer, or pitching and using the loop functions on the S950.

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In internal mode the keyboard is used to select up to three samples which span out over the upper four octaves (16 tune levels each). The samples can then be played like a regular keyboard. The external mode use bank D (bank 1 on the SP-12) to store the pattern of outgoing notes. D1-D6 can be used to sequence one midi channel, with note off as pads are pressed a second time. D7 and D8 can be used to sequence another MIDI channel by the use of an input keyboard. It's also possible to control dynamic velocity in both modes.

SP MIDI user's manual →

  • Dimensions: 168x44x124 mm (WxHxD)
  • Enclosure: Black anodized aluminum.
  • Power supply: 9V @ 500 mA. EU, UK or US supply included.
  • Connectors: Input: MIDI In, SP In, DC IN. Output: MIDI Out, SP Out.
  • Latency: < 2 ms (internal mode), < 2 ms by each number of polyphony (external mode).